Mauser Model 66 in .375 Holland and Holland –THIS GUN HAS NOW BEEN SOLD




The Mauser 66 is one of the most interesting rifles ever designed and manufactured. They were a product of intelligent design and top quality German engineering melded together in a rifle that, arguably, should have been rather more popular than it was. The first thing that struck me when I was first privileged to handle one was the solid feel, the “closing of a bank vault door” quality as one worked and closed the bolt, and the fabulous single set trigger on the first example I examined. Combined with this impression was the unusualness of the design with its telescoping bolt action, and the fact that it had a brilliantly designed take-down system. The smoothness of the action and the quality of manufacture pretty much guarantee that owners will tend to be satisfied and content to keep their Mauser 66.”

This rifle sports the original Mauser scope (not shown here) along with quick detachable rings for swift access to open sights.  The gun has been given a stem to stern re-furbish with the stock fitted with mun ebony fore-end and pistol grip cap and refinished in polymerized tung oil. The original skip line checkering has been re-cut and a limb-saver recoil pad installed.  The cheek piece has been accentuated and sculpted for a better fit, giving this rifle a bench rest quality. The original blue has been retained as the rifle was and is in pristine condition.