1. Custom Stock Work: “One-of-a-kind” for your tastes and fit
    1. Finding, selecting and designing stock-grade hardwoods to meet your needs
    2. Finishing, checkering, engraving
    3. Glass bedding for accuracy and stability
  2. Stock Repair and Restoration: Preserving your heritage guns
  3. Gun metal Repair and Restoration: Preserving value for your favorite firearms
    1. Sand-blasting, polishing and contour definition
    2. Blueing
    3. Arma-Coating
  4. Custom Gunsmithing: In partnership with Mr. Don Thompson (Holden Precision) of Holden, Alberta we can build, any gun, any calibre of your choosing. We will work closely with you to select stocks (wood or synthetic) barrels, actions, triggers and sight configurations for your one-of-a-kind custom firearm.


  1. Home and Garden:
    1. Custom-builds including tables and select cabinetry such as china and gun cabinets
    2. Reparations and Restorations of valued keepsakes


  1. Antiques, Antiquities and Legacy Items: Repair and Restoration to ‘museum quality’

AVAILABLE RESTORATIONS: A selection of fully restored or re-furbished firearms and furnishings are available for purchase on line.  Call or e-mail us with any questions or concerns if you are considering purchase of these items.