With a passionate interest in firearms, furnishings and family heirlooms (old, new and those in between), I have been creating and restoring legacy items for better than 40 years now. I have an abiding curiosity about guns, the complex physics of guns and the stories behind them and most of all, the artistry that renders them collectible, often unique, and valuable in many ways.  I have cultivated the skills and attention to detail needed to make that happen, and extend them to furnishings and other family heirlooms with the same goals in mind. Whether it is a custom gun built just for you, from scratch, or a valued bit of family history begging for a second life, we do both with equal enthusiasm.

I am most pleased when people are happy with my work and the reason for it.  Here is a very recent review:

“Took delivery of My Shotgun today Per. All I can say is WOW you knocked it out of the park . I’m speechless; that gun is brand new again you really are the Van Gogh of gun restoration. My Dad would be proud cause I don’t think that gun looked that good when it was new. The action is as smooth as silk and it feels like a brand new shotgun. Thanks again so much for the expert craftsmanship and attention to detail , this gun has a place over the fireplace for all to admire.

Please feel free to use this as a customer review. The world needs to see this before and after example.”

Cheers : Bruce  (Happy customer)